In the bolster it is where it is the water, the parameters are controlled that intervene in the control of growth of the plantation, PH, electric conductivity, quantity of dissolved solids, and in suspension. We control those parameters with the application of advanced technology, as filters of last generation and control programs and modules of high yield fertirrigation. In your bolster we can control and make a pursuit of the whole watering process, by means of the CONTROL PANEL, where you will visualize the quantities of agrochemicalproducts, the flow in each instant, the active and passive sectors, so as the failures. It will warn you via MODEM to any place of the world where you are.

ARTERIEGO es líder indiscutible en el montaje y mantenimiento de cabezales,

Donde se ve la grandeza de una empresa es en el diseño, cálculo, montaje y control y funcionamiento de todos sus elementos.